"Christine is a pleasure to work with. She goes the extra mile with every project and really tries to understand an organization’s true colors and put them into easily readable context.

Most clients do not know they need a copywriter or how to write copy about their organizations. Christine reduces this risk by providing a thorough background analysis for each client. She shows a genuine concern for presenting a company’s concepts as real benefits. I’m always so happy to work with her."
Michael Swartz, Principal, MJS Web Solutions
"Christine Buck is one of those rare writers - outstanding at her craft, easy to work with and very detail oriented with great technical skills. I tell her what to write and an hour later I'm reviewing excellent copy. She developed the content for our WomenTech Project Best Practices CD under a strict deadline and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Christine is versatile too: she's developed CD content, product marketing pages, flyers, and technical documentation for us. She's now helping with the content redesign of our main website. If you're putting off a writing project, I'd recommend hiring Christine - she'll get you the copy you hoped for, and quickly, too."
Donna Milgram, Executive Director, Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science
"I know I've told you what a difference your work has made to our business association, but it bears repeating. WABA has so few resources and I am always massively behind, but because of your work, we look like a million. I love the website! You are not only a fabulous writer, but your work is always done far enough in advance and without prompting, so that things roll along smoothly. You are incredibly professional and timely, and if that weren't enough, you also are a great person with whom to work. When I have time to think about it, I'm amazed at what has been accomplished in the area of promotions in less than a year. Thank you."
Sherri Stieg, Executive Director, West Alameda Business Association
"Christine and I have been working intensively on the copy for my new website and I can't imagine it moving along as well without her organizational abilities, gentle but practical suggestions, and most of all her creative writing. I am confident that I will have a beautiful website that really promotes my work by the launch date. She makes it easy to be her client."
Marcy Voyevod, Marcy Voyevod Design
"Christine gathered detailed information for our work process documentation project from each member of our HR management team. She worked well with all levels of management and did quality work from start to finish. Christine did the neatest and best project wrap-up I've ever seen!!! Thank you, Christine, for taking care of business so seamlessly."
Harriet Johnson, Pacific Bell Directory
"I knew how important it was to have a website, and I had a whole lot of things I wanted to say, but I felt overwhelmed by the thought of having to put all my thoughts in writing in a professional and polished manner. Christine made the whole process very easy for me and took the stress out of trying to find the right words. She sorted out my thoughts and ideas, found the right tone for me, and produced very organized and readable pages in no time at all."
Gwen Hoople, Mortgage Consultant
"I worked with Christine for two years at a small Internet startup, and I found her to be very professional, responsible and reliable. We developed new iterations of our Web application monthly, and she was excellent at prioritizing too many requirements into too little time and at consistently meeting deadlines. She adopted new technologies enthusiastically, and developed productive working relationships with her co-workers."
Wendy Hoben, Technical Publications Manager, Vivant Corporation
"Christine drove standardizing the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodology for our corporate IT department. She created a style guide that was embraced by the company, along with the associated SDLC templates. Her output was detail-oriented and while she worked quite independently, she didn't hesitate to clarify issues that required our attention. Christine jumped into an active project, quickly grasped its goals and rapidly delivered for us."
Laurie Doolittle, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Projects, Matson Navigation

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