Published Articles
Feature Stories
San Francisco Chronicle:
Big Band Arranger Has Lots of Swing in His Step August 1, 2003
Alameda Magazine:
Home at Last September/October 2005
Alameda Sun:
Leads Groups Aid Business Growth January 20, 2005
'Passive' Viewing Leads Many to Action August 26, 2004
Big Band in a Small Place November 14, 2003
Heavenly Music at St. Joe's April 18, 2003
Taking Love of Trains to All New Lengths December 6, 2002
Is Your Cat Making Its Mark? November 15, 2002
Craigslist Changes Lives October 18, 2002
Home of Truth Name Says All October 11, 2002
Port News:
Right on the Money Winter 2007
Getting Down to Business Winter 2007
Labor and the Port: Mutual Benefit, Mutual Respect Winter 2007
Personal Essays
San Francisco Chronicle:
Now That the War Has Started March 30, 2003
Alameda Sun:
Figuring Out Christmas December 20, 2002

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